Monday, February 22, 2010

www1 | www2 | www3 ? & www !


Do you want to findout?
  • We may browse thousands of web sites within week .
  • Most of them are with WWW.
  • But some of them we known as WWW, will shown as WWW1,WWW2 or WWW3.
What Technology Used?
  • As a example , "www" is the trailing part of the and this portion identifies which organization's servers to contact to serve up the requested site.
  • We already know WWW stands for "world wide web".
  • WWW1, WWW2, WWW3 are the mirrors of original web server which is typical WWW.
  • Above diagram explain how it will configured.
What for?
  • Major websites such as Google, Yahoo and so many uses www1,www2 and www3.
  • Main Goal for applying such a technique is to reduce the server load.
  • Those kind of major sites cannot shut their main server down even for minutes to update or maintain their system.
  • They need to use www1,www2 or www3 duplication of their mainframe server.

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