Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Adobe Air With Android : 3 A's for Your Netbook

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There is a conversation going among SHA(A News BOT) with Mr.UD(A Non Technical Person )

SHA : "Now 3 A's for your Netbook PC !"

Mr.UD : "What? How ? Even I couldn't get 3 A's for Advanced Level Subjects.

SHA News : Yes ,Those 3 A's are A-Android, A-AdobeAir

Mr.UD : Where is the other A.

SHA News : Its already there, Adobe Air has 2 A's :D


What is Adobe Air :
Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime that enables web developers to use their existing web development skills, code and tools to build and deploy rich web applications and content to the desktop.

Adobe AIR has a rich set of features, with support for building applications using HTML, JavaScript, Flex and Flash.

What is Android :
Android is a mobile operating system using a modified version of the Linux kernel. Now it will going to be a most famous OS in the world for Mobile devices.


Now What :
Now ,there will be a big deal on two innovative technologies for Mobile Technology.

Adobe on Monday introduced the Flash Player 10.1 and AIR platform for the Google Android mobile operating system.
Adobe AIR is multi platform .Because of that AIR going to be a solution for platform dependent Mobile Apps problem.So,Adobe plans to present the AIR platform as a tool for building mobile apps that run on multiple phone platforms.

This is how it works : see demonstratioin.

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